Optimizing crop yield, vigor and uniformity

Precision Data Collection

We map out your fields and IoT device locations on the Esri ArcGIS™ platform.

We add layers: aerial imagery, soil maps, topography, and more.

Bring Your Own Drone (BYOD) Data, or we can source Drone Flyers and Satellites with near-infrared and thermal cameras to collect aerial imagery.

Automated Analysis

Data and Images are managed in our PrecisionView™ platform.

We segment and track data analytics at the individual plant, partial or full row, or block level.

PrecisionView™ Manager highlights crop vigor and variability, water stress and pest and disease pressure on any size farm.

Actionable Results

You receive detailed reports and recommendations to help your farm be as efficient, productive, and profitable as possible.

Your crop quality and crop yield improves, sometimes 20% or more.

Reduce costs by optimizing your water, pesticides, and fertilizer with precision.

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