Optimizing crop yield, vigor and uniformity

Precision Data Collection

We map out your fields and IoT device locations on the Esri ArcGIS™ platform.

We add layers: aerial imagery, soil maps, topography, and more.

Bring Your Own Drone (BYOD) Data, or we can source Drone Flyers and Satellites with near-infrared and thermal cameras to collect aerial imagery.

Automated Analysis

Data and Images are managed in our PrecisionView™ platform.

We segment and track data analytics at the individual plant, partial or full row, or block level.

PrecisionView™ Manager highlights crop vigor and variability, water stress and pest and disease pressure on any size farm.

Actionable Results

You receive detailed reports and recommendations to help your farm be as efficient, productive, and profitable as possible.

Your crop quality and crop yield improves, sometimes 20% or more.

Reduce costs by optimizing your water, pesticides, and fertilizer with precision.

Blog: Latest Posts

Per-Pixel Analysis to Detect Almond Bloom

In pursuit of the most accurate yield prediction methods, growers often look to early indicators of fruit set, such as bloom density, to provide insights. This is usually a lengthy, labor-intensive, and error-prone process with a narrow bloom window during which data can be collected. With multispectral imaging, targeted drone data captures, and advanced pixel-level analytics, Pollen Systems is making bloom detection faster and more consistent on a per-plant basis to help growers improve their yield prediction results.

In a nutshell, the analysis uses the color characteristics of almond blooms to target specific pixels in our imagery to calculate yield.

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Understanding Near-Infrared Imagery in Precision Agriculture

Near-Infrared (NIR) imaging has been assisting scientists and growers for decades, providing a technological lens to examine crops. Most famously used on orbital satellites for environmental observations, NIR imaging has developed into highly portable and powerful technology used by commercial growers around the world.

But how does Near-Infrared imaging help growers effectively protect their fields against today’s challenges?

In modern precision agriculture, specialized drones carry cameras targeting specific wavelengths of light.

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Empowering Farm Management through Individual Plant Analysis

Individual Plant Analysis is at the forefront of precision agriculture for a reason: it provides the most detailed data layer possible and improves decision-making for an entire field. Today, Pollen Systems' Advanced Agricultural Analytics serve growers in three major ways.

Optimizing Harvest: Mapping our vigor metrics like NDVI, NDRE, and thermal across a site highlights nutrient deficiencies, pests, and water stress that can be roadblocks to the perfect harvest. Impacts to Crop yield and uniformity are major concerns for large- and small-scale growers alike, and our reports empower timely, targeted management to support weaker areas.

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