Optimizing crop yield, vigor and uniformity

Active Scouting

We capture precise images of crops using satellites, fixed wing aircraft, and drones, leveraging the latest near-infrared and thermal cameras to detect crop vigor, variability, and pests and diseases on any sized farm

Data Analysis

The images and data taken during each capture are stored in the Pollen Cloud and analyzed by Pollen Agriculture Technicians with our patent-pending agricultural analysis software

Proactive Alerts

You receive timely feedback and recommendations to help your farm be as efficient, productive, and profitable as possible.

Some of our Customers

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Keith McCall Founder and CEO

Starting Pollen Systems --- Keith McCall, Founder and CEO.

The last two companies I founded were focused on delivering value and cost savings by using data analytics (now known as Big Data) to optimize business processes. I spent 12 years developing solutions to help companies run email 7x24 by outsourcing remote management of their servers to Azaleos and then built Enroute Systems to help retailers ship packages more efficiently: picking the right carrier and the right service to deliver packages to homes around the world.

In June 2018, while on a year sabbatical after building and selling my latest startup, I visited Singapore with my family.

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Drew Falabella Agricultural Technologist

A day in the life of an Agricultural Technologist - Drew Falabella

As an Agricultural Technologist on the team, I mainly do two things that keep Pollen Systems flying: researching crops and drawing maps! I am often studying ways to improve our analysis and best serve our customers.

However, the bulk of my work during the Pacific Northwest growing season is analyzing imagery collected by our pilots and packaging it into periodic updates for our customers.

My process begins with importing thousands of aerial images into Pix4D Mapper, our software of choice for composing a single mosaic that we can work with.

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Nathan Albright Drone Flyer

What it's like to fly drones for Pollen Systems - Nathan Albright

Pollen Systems is on the cutting edge of agricultural technology, and this summer marks my third year as Pollen Systems’ primary drone pilot in Washington and Oregon. If you are one of our clients, then you may have seen me on site previously with a Phantom 4 Pro, but our latest tool is a DJI Inspire 2 with a MicaSense Altum sensor, which has the multispectral and RGB imaging that clients have traditionally received, plus we have sharper imaging and now have the availability of thermal readings.

I live in Moses Lake but travel throughout Washington and Oregon...

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