Grow Better Crops

Pollen Systems improves crop vigor, quality, and yield while reducing labor costs, irrigation, pests and diseases.

Our crop profiles help manage grapes, hops, cherries, apples, pears, plums, mint, potatoes, avocados, cannabis, and more.

Let Pollen Systems Assist Your Farm

Our patent-pending agriculture analysis system identifies key actions that can improve crop yield

Improve Crop Health 
Resource Management
Data Analysis
Pest Control 
Active Scouting
Proactive Alerts 

What We Do

Giving you the data you need for optimized growth

Active Scouting

One of our Pollen Drone Technicians visits your site weekly for a two-hour flyover, operating highly customized drones to take detailed pictures at various wavelengths for sensing soil conditions, crop health, and pests and diseases

Data Analysis

The pictures and flyby data taken during the flyover are stored in the Pollen Cloud and analyzed by Pollen Agriculture Technicians with our patent-pending agricultural analysis software

Proactive Alerts

Our solution provides timely feedback and recommends improvements to help your agriculture-based business be as efficient, productive, and profitable as possible. All of your documented scans, flyby data, and advice are stored securely in our Pollen Cloud system to be accessible to you from any device — at any time, anywhere.

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