Optimizing crop yield, vigor and uniformity

Active Scouting

We capture precise images of crops using satellites, fixed wing aircraft, and drones, leveraging the latest near-infrared and thermal cameras to detect crop vigor, variability, and pests and diseases on any sized farm

Data Analysis

The images and data taken during each capture are stored in the Pollen Cloud and analyzed by Pollen Agriculture Technicians with our patent-pending agricultural analysis software

Proactive Alerts

You receive detailed reports, timely feedback and recommendations to help your farm be as efficient, productive, and profitable as possible.

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Drew Falabella Agricultural Technologist

On the Veraison: Precision Monitoring for Wine Grapes

Wine grapes are one of the most carefully managed crops in the world, so they made the perfect starting point for Pollen Systems when we started flying in 2018. From the beginning, we have sought to help vineyard managers and winemakers obtain the data they need to cultivate high-quality grapes, leveraging the power of drones, fixed-wing aircraft, and the PrecisionView™ Manager system.

We approach each site with a standard vineyard monitoring plan, tailoring it to suit the grower’s needs.

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Drew Falabella Agricultural Technologist

A Fresh Take on Precision Agriculture in Citrus

As technology has developed, it has become clear that advanced agricultural analytics can optimize crop quality and yield for bigger, better harvests in the field and at the bank.

With the value of citrus fruit like oranges and mandarins on the rise, Pollen Systems is helping growers get the most out of these crops with a specialized drone monitoring plan customizable for winter and summer varieties.

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Drew Falabella Agricultural Technologist

Avocados in Precision Agriculture

At Pollen Systems, we are always excited to apply our PrecisionView™ approach to the crops we know and love. One fruit we keep returning to at work (and in our favorite recipes) is the beloved avocado.

Adapted to rainforests by nature, avocados grow vigorously and will develop a dense canopy in a relatively short time. This growth habit is a challenge unique to cultivating avocados, as each tree also bears two overlapping years of fruit at a time: new shoots for the current year emerge even as the previous season’s mature fruit approach their harvest date.

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