PrecisionView™ Determining When and Where to Spray

PrecisionView™ Determining When and Where to Spray

One of the barriers to generating actionable management decisions from aerial crop data is having access to scouting data in the field. Whether you need to send laborers to scout specific areas, implement variable rate management, or ground-truth image data, our new mobile friendly platform gives you access while in the field where you need it most.

PrecisionView™ from Pollen Systems aggregates weekly aerial crop data into generalized management zones that can be used for scouting problem areas, variable rate prescriptions for irrigation, compost and cover crop applications, fertilizer, and other soil amendments. All of this data can be accessed on a mobile device while you are in the field.

Manual field scouting is ineffective and with labor shortages the availability of these datasets are in short supply. Precision farming is about making data-driven decisions to optimize your operation, and with aerial crop data we can provide actionable data from your entire farm at low cost. Using this technology, our customers are able to save money by using less farm inputs and optimizing labor efficiency, while improving their crop yield and uniformity.

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